Thursday, May 6, 2010

I stand corrected; investigative journalism is not dead

Soooo, it turns out that 50% of the state of Florida's professional testimony team in the "lets spend oodles cash we do not have fighting gay adoption" campaign is well, not entirely straight.  The newspaper story can be found here, but I can give you the highlights:

George Rekers is a compensated expert witness for the Florida Attorney General's office, who claims that homosexuality is a mental disorder, etc. & that homosexuals are not appropriate adoptive parents.  Specifically, homosexuals make lousy parents because homosexuality is a mental disorder, that should be treated etc. & mentally disordered people should not be (adoptive) parents.  Recently his testimony has not carried as much weight as it used to, but for years his influence went unchecked.

Even more recently Rekers vacationed abroad with a professional male companion.  This companion advertises his services on & only on  Rekers hired him to assist with luggage etc. is he is himself not permitted to lift anything heavy for medical reasons.  This would carry more weight (ba-dum-dum) if Rekers were not photographed bringing luggage through Miami International Airport while his professional male companion walked unencumbered. 

Did I mention Rekers is himself both a foster & an adoptive parent?

I told you that story to tell you this one.  I was once asked what I thought of profiling & I said I thought it was a GREAT IDEA.  The specific context was black drivers pulled over for speeding.  Every republican at the party was surprised but please at my response, until I continued.  I said I thought the problem was profiling did not go far enough.  At that time, the majority of large-scale terrorist attacks committed on US soil had been committed by white men in their 20s - 30s with very specific interests (militias & white supremacy), so it probably made sense to audit all purchases of fertilizer made by this demographic.  Further, of the five people I know who have been sexually assaulted by someone they knew, three of them were assaulted by the family minister or priest.  As I understand it, outside of a  family member (think funny uncle) the person in that role IS the most likely child-predator if there is one in the child's life, so more stringent third party back-ground checks should be the norm, right?

I think we can add another profile to that list:  if you are a vehement anti-gay crusader chances are looking better every day that you are yourself gay.  No need to thank me; I just hope to save you & everyone you try to ruin in your attempt to prove you're not gay some heartache.

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