Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The commercial game

Most evenings, we like to stare at the TV. It almost does not matter if there is anything interesting on. A can happily surf the channels for half-an-hour & most of the time something turns up by then. Or we lower our standards.

For many years, we have played 'Name that voice-over'. I read once, perhaps in a dentist's office or on a plane, that familiar voices have more credibility, even if we do not recognize the voice as familiar. In fact, once the source has been named, if that person is not an authority, the credibility is lost. Now that I think about it, it was probably Glamour magazine.

So commercials have become a kind of contest. & the game will pick up the slack when there is nothing on. You can always find a commercial.

Lately A has invented a new commercial game: deliberately misunderstanding the commercial message. Sometimes he catches me; recently I clarified what 'certified pre-owned' meant before I realized he was playing the game. I do not remember what he said he thought it meant. Yes, I had had wine-with-dinner, what makes you ask?

My favorite though is the Cialis commercial. The one where the daughter comes over for an unexpected visit. A thinks this means Cialis gives you whatever it takes to have sex with your wife & daughter.

So next time nothing is on, try it. If you come up with something completely off-the-wall I would suggest you write the company. Maybe you will get free samples (not of Cialis, necessarily. Or a certified pre-owned Honda). Or just to cheer up the poor slob who has to read all those form letters from the Moral Majority, or whatever euphemism is protesting this week.

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