Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome rain

It seems that I only have to predict drought (when everyone else says "oh yea, drought") & that will make it not so. I could not be happier to be wrong.

Yesterday I grabbed my camera & headed out into the light shower that became a deluge, washing away all the dog bombs & horse piles, saving me hours of a rather yucky chore. Not to mention the whole my-house-is-less-likely-to-burn-down-this-year-than-any-year-since-we-moved-here thing, which is not just good, it is divine.

The goats hate rain, or water of any kind. They run for the barn at the first taste of moisture in the air. They will brave the back hooves of a very cranky mare rather than risk getting wet. They are, apparently, made of spun sugar.

The donkey also hates water, but I do not know if this is universal in donkeys (it does seem to be in goats). He will not brave mean hooves but he will lower himself to stand with the goats in their open stall, if the big girls really will not let anyone in with them.

The plants, of course long for rain. Everything has been struggling to get above ground, tall, thready stems, dense thick leaves clumped at the base & sand, sand, sand. The dust from the road so completely coats everything, I forgot what actual green leaves looked like.

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