Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue rock of death: IDENTIFIED

Even as the post went up, A was fairly sure he had identified the Blue Rock of Death. The good news it is not radio-active, the bad news is that it had nothing what-so-ever to do with a higher-than-might-be-usual concentration of nitrogen (fish poop) in the bottom of the tank. The rock would react with any water & kill anything living in proximity, especially in a closed system like a fish tank.

Which begs the question: what gets into people? Why sell a rock stating it is for a fish tank when it could not be? Did the person who sold it know it would kill everything? Maybe they 1) got screwed themselves & thought the universe would be a happier place if they passed it on 2) are just stoopid & said "shiny rock - that would look good in water". Or did they just pick it up somewhere think that it would be perfect for someone else's fish tank?

The rock itself is almost certainly Azurite. It was identified by a Ph.Ded physicist with experience growing carbon nano-tubes & working with crystals in a quest for a tunable laser. He identified the specimen by Googling for a blue rock that kills fish. I do not know what he Googled exactly because he claims not to remember.

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