Thursday, October 28, 2010

Batik with 1/2 border for December 2010

Last June when I posted the upcoming quilt block swap blocks, I had trouble uploading the pictures for the December 2010 block.  The bad news is I completely forgot to go back & update the post.  The good news is the block is more or less wide open pattern-wise.

Tthe keys points are:

1. batik or hand-dyed fabric only please.  I have had several messages regarding this requirement & they are split down the middle.  Half the messages are unhappy as batiks & hand-dyes are expensive, certainly more expensive than most other quilt fabrics.  On the flip-side are those who are pleased that they can count on getting back a batik or hand-dyed only block.  I am sorry about anyone who might count themselves out of this swap because of cost, but I hope the next guideline helps

2. make any block you like, 6.5" unfinished/6" finished the idea being that scraps from other projects might make the cost easier to bear.  Also, I made my blocks from remnants I got at Joann's for a grand total of four dollars and change

    3. after the block is complete, add a 1.5" unfinished/1" finished border to two adjacent sides & you are done.  You can add these in a strippy fashion all-in-a-row, or if you are working from cut scraps the dimensions would be 1.5" x 6.5" & 1.5" by 7.5"
    As I previously described, we expect to be traveling & not returning until the actual due date for the blocks (the last Saturday of December, which happens to be December 25).  While we are away V** will still be at the house, acting as caretaker, dealing with the horses, emus, etc & so you should have no concerns about mail not being picked up.  What will be difficult is letting people know that their package has arrived if it arrives in the last week before the 12/25 deadline.

    The swap should still take place Sunday December 26th (so long as our flights are on time) & be brought to the Post Office Monday December 27th.  This means everyone who swaps will have a cheerful envelope to drive away those after-holiday doldrums.  Originally, I gave you this musical selection, but let me also give you this, for the batik-y-ness.

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