Saturday, December 25, 2010

Technical difficulties

Sunday December 12, 2010:  If you are reading this that means that for some reason while en route to Honolulu (via a few days in San Francisco) or sometime after my arrival in Honolulu I neglected to log into Blogger & update Useless Ranch.  I am sure the problem must be computer related, some wireless versus dial-in thing, a freak weather pattern that makes me want to sit in a tropical garden & forget that this time next week I will begin interviewing contractors because it seems my sewing room (& A's office) are sliding into a sink hole.  Yes, it has been that kind of month, season & year.

Most happy times to everyone.  I will be back, clearing queued posts just as soon as I can get the sound of waves out of my ears.  Or maybe a day or two after that.

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