Thursday, March 31, 2011

March was...

Did you know March was National Craft Month?  It's Okay, I've been busy too.

March was also National Women's History Month.  I confess I am to some degree with Morgan Freeman on this one:  He said all american history is black history, or vice versa, or black american history was american history, something like that.  Yes, I know he wasn't talking about women exactly but it seems to me all-encompassing histories should encompass well, all.  That being said, I am not sure I would mind if they started limiting white man history to just one month.

National Quilt Month I did know.  It started as a day & blew out into a month.  I know how that goes. I celebrated National Quilt Month by...  I don't remember what I did the exact day, but given my usual quilt-celebrations I am sure there was something appropriate.

& of course, National Kidney Month is not to be missed.  I would give Employee Spirit Month a wide berth, though.

All kinds of produce:  bell peppers & broccoli,  & on thru the alphabet to National Frozen Food Month.  I guess they thought they would get it all over at once; March is also National Nutrition Month

Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month, no I am not kidding.  Also umbrellas, which I can kind of see, & kites, whose month runs from the end of March until the beginning of May.  It's like National Kite Month caught some air & being on a string, it was able to run out a bit further than the usual month does. 

The list goes on&on, so let's end with:  Expanding Girls' Horizons in Science & Engineering Math Month.

As for me I did quilt, I did not adopt a guinea pig; I ate broccoli & avoided bell peppers; did absolutely nothing to improve employee spirit & watched A expand all kinds of science for women...& men.  Even the white ones.

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