Sunday, March 11, 2012

The internet giveth & the internet taketh away

I spend a certain amount of time on Facebook.  I check it a couple times a day: fewer when my computer is being stoopid, more when we are getting close to a Quilt Block Swap Group deadline.  I get friend requests, I ignore most of them.

//sidebar- honestly, who sends hello-old-friend-type requests without ANY INDICATION of who they used to be? After I ignored such a friend request, I got a quite snotty message from a former dorm-mate (well over 150 women in the dorm, every one of the six semesters I lived there by the way) who had gone by the nickname Lisa, which way-back-when I thought was her name & her last name I'm not sure I ever did know, but now was using her full first name Melissa & her married name (I know because I forwarded the snotty note to ANOTHER former dorm-mate asking if she had any idea who this was & she said "you remember Lisa, she was a sophomore our senior year".  Right).  Lisa/Melissa was QUITE CLEAR on the point that I was a snob & always had been which begs the question why send the friend request in the first place?  Yes, I kept right on ignoring it.

Where was I ?  Oh, ignoring old friends, that's right.

So I was online when I got a friend request from a boy (now a man, of course) I went to high school with.  I DID remember him, also he looked just like a grown-up version of himself (Lisa/Melissa might look the same, I really just don't remember her).  I looked over his profile as I was in the process of clicking Accept & then I got distracted.  I don't think there was anything on his page, maybe the phone rang, maybe something else, I just didn't do it. 

A few days later I was looking at the high school site & saw he had posted a question about the lacrosse team (that I would never be able to answer, it turns out that while I was there the football team went all state or something & I missed it completely).  Anyhow, he said he was now living in Fladidah  & I went back to his profile & saw he actually lives one town over from where my in-laws used to live & so I happen to know what county that is.

I honestly don't know what made me google him & the county name in the same search, I really truly do not know.  I almost never google people because it just never works out.  I happen to know that I am the only person in the country (& very likely the world) with my first name/last name combo & half of what comes up when you google me is not quite right.  Yes, I do knit & quilt & share a phone extension at the herbarium &....& OKay maybe it's mostly right, but google A & you get A LOT of stuff about folk songs which must be a different person with his name because trust me he knows jack about rural american music.  Also my middle initial is not G.  or B.  I'm just saying.

So I googled his name & the county & learned that this very nice boy I went to high school with (& probably middle school, my memory for other people is SHOCKINGLY bad) steals cars, if not for living certainly for a hobby.  A very, very consuming hobby.   I kind of feel like replying that I am well, thank you & I drive a 7 year old Tundra that doesn't even have power windows or locks.  After all it doesn't, & why would I lie?

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