Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bishop strikes again

A few weeks ago, I related an encounter with a neighborhood doberman who scarred the crap out of me.  A day or two later, when I ran by the same house the woman made a point of coming out & talking to me, letting me know they were very sorry, he was a young dog it would never happen again, etc.  She seemed very contrite & I believed her.  She also insisted Bishop would never hurt anyone & I believe she believed it.

Since then I have been alert when I go by that house, but there was never another problem.  Until this morning.  While I was running on the opposite side of the street, I saw the front door open & a younger (I am guessing teenage) woman hauled Bishop out by his collar into the unfenced front yard & then quickly, so no one could see she was wearing nothing but pink underwear & a t-shirt, scooted back inside & shut the door.  Bishop started to sniff a bush or something, saw me running & took off after me.  I screamed HEY HEY, the door opened the girl called Bishop back in (& he went) & that was more or less it. 

Actually she called out "Sorry, he has never done that before" & I answered "Fuck you, this is the second time he has done that to ME".  I guess those years in Joisey never really left my psyche.  The woman/girl looked quite startled (I don't think she was used to complete strangers talking to her like that, never mind at 8:30 in the morning).

I did my usual run & when I went back past Bishop's house there was no people visible & no Bishop.  There was also no street number on the mailbox or I would have made a call to animal control when I got home.  We live in a rural enough area that the houses while more or less numbered in order, the numbers don't follow one another very closely; we are 1713, our immediate neighbor is 1805.  Further up the street where the lots are closer together they are numbered, I kid you not: 727, 729, 713, & 733.  The lots were renumbered in the 1980's to make ambulance service faster but, well, someone screwed up. Once when 713 actually needed an ambulance, the crew spent precious minutes looking for the house along the stretch of road where 713 would be if there was one (there isn't; it's a field); now when she calls for anything from the county, she gives the number of the house next door & someone goes into the street to flag it down.  Big improvement.

So.  A thinks I should go to the house, knock on the door & explain why this business of letting a doberman run free is not the best plan.  I feel like that has 1) already been established & 2) they don't actually believe it is a problem.  I don't expect animal control will do a damn thing until they get complaints from several people over time, but I also think it needs to start some where. 

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