Friday, December 28, 2012

Quilt block regatta for June 2013

Every year I try to include one block that can be appliqued rather than pieced (although pieced is OKay, too).  Not surprisingly, this block is often an image block (in the past we have had houses, words, etc.).  For 2013 that is going to be our June swap block. 

For June 2013, we are swapping boat blocks.  You can applique or piece (or foundation piece or embroider or any combination of whatever you wish) your boat.  The final blocks should be 10.5" unfinished & yes, this is big BUT a lot of that is going to be background.  In fact, you can make something smaller, say 6", if you like.

The guidelines are, not surprisingly, quite broad:  
  • Please try to avoid anything too juvenile when choosing your fabrics (& colors), as we are aiming for boat-looking boats.  Yes, I know that sounds silly, but I think you know what I mean; ideally these blocks could be used in a quilt for a grown man or woman, as well as a child. 
  • For your background (this will be the background of your block as well as the border you may need to add to bring it up to size), please use something that is the color of the sky &/or sea.  In the event you choose a block that has a boat sitting on water that is different from sky, please use the same fabric for both.  This uniform setting will help our blocks all work together.  If you should choose an on-point block, please be sure to set it on point, keeping it to the 10.5" square size.
  • Please do not embellish with beads or what-have you.  The 100% cotton fabric only rule still applies. 
To get you started, here are some links to boat blocks.  Not all of these meet our 10.5" x 10.5" measurement requirement, some would have to be sized down, others sized up, but it is a good jumping off point:
As always, we swap in sets of five (5), you send five (5) blocks & get five (5) back.  Blocks are due the last Saturday of even numbered months, in this case it is Saturday, June 29, 2013.  If you would like, you can include a sixth block; every swap one person takes these to make a quilt for a non-profit or community group.  If you would like more details, just ask to join our group on FaceBook (search Quilt Block Swap).

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