Monday, April 8, 2013

My debt to society

I won the Block Lotto in February.  That's right, after dropping out for a looooong time, I returned last month & won right away.  Which means I have a debt of 38 blocks (that is how many I won) I need to pay.  Well, want to pay.

So in March I made I don't-know-how-many blocks (I just checked: 11).  It was a simple block & one of the key colors was gray, which I have in abundance because of, you guessed it-Bird Trap Blocks.  Now that I think about it, I shipped off all 9 of the heart blocks I made in February (& then mad so many many more).  Which means that as of March 31, I have paid back 20 of the 38 blocks.

I realize that I might be the only person who thinks of the Block Lotto this way.  & I admit that I have been known to start out thinking this way & then sort of fallen off the....wagon?  This is not the first time I have won Block Lotto.  It is not even the second time I have won.  It would be the fourth or fifth time I won except that once (or twice, I forget), I had donated my blocks & they got scrambled in & I won!  But I threw them back.

Flash back to a completely different situation.  Well, not completely different, it is still a quilting situation.  My first Bird Trap block quilt top is ALMOST finished.  Flash further back: I made so many bird trap bocks & I get a lot of inquiries about the swao but notso many commitments I thought maybe, just maybe a completed op would show what potential the block has & then

Then this month's Block Lotto block arrived in my mailbox & I want it.  I don't necessarily want to win, I just want to keep my own.  So I made two for the swap & uhm a dozen in the wrong size(s) & wrong color(s) so I guess they just don't count.  Guess I will have to keep them.  Leaving my debt to the Block Lotto society hovering at -18.  

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