Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cotton Robin teaser

I have sent off the quilt top with the second row all done...Finally.  For the Cotton Robin.  Maybe I should have opened with that.  Way back when, I sent in a center block & then got someone else's, added a border, sent it on, & got another one with a first border already added.  Then today, I sent it off.

Where was I?  Sent off the Cotton Robin quilt, Right!  I had hoped to be early, but at this point I am just happy to be on time.  True confession time:  when I first saw the centers there were a couple I that really inspired & that scared the crap out of me.  Don't get me wrong, it is lovely.  Even lovelier in person actually.  But this block was not in my wheelhouse; it wasn't even on the same boat.  Ship.  Whatever.  & then it showed up in my mailbox.

Now the good news:  I am not a completely incompetent piecer.  I'm actually pretty good.  Most of my triangles have no more & no less than three points.  But more important, I like to think I also know when to spot a better one & the good news for EVERYONE is a much better piecer put round one on this very scary block & all I had to do was stay out of her way.  To that end I decided to go small & simple. Real simple.  Now I am worried too simple.  Because this is what I do. 

Several people have posted slightly altered glimpses (weird color filters, mostly) of what they have done, but just a glimpse so no one can really recognize their own center.  My teaser has nothing of the center.  It doesn't even show but a bit of the row that came before & certainly nothing telling.

It also DOES show some of the double-wide outer border I put on thinking it would be cut way-way down. For myself, I like to quilt off an edge that will be cut away when I can.  It saves trimming all those threads & gives a nice uniform  more-or-less seam free stuffing for the binding.  So this teaser includes at least some of what very likely won't be there when the quilt it finished.

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  1. hmm... did I send you the first border? If so, you give me way too much credit for piecing! (I can't even remember what I did on it at this point, actually... pathetic)