Friday, July 18, 2014

Accidental vacation

Yep, that's what happened.  I took an accidental digital vacation.  It really wasn't planned.  We had been thinking this would be a quiet summer, no trips plans, no visitors coming here.  So....

We had a new roof installed.  Also replaced a very gurney skylight & added a sun tunnel in the dark cave that doubles as our front room (no longer dark or cave-like)

We got the Honda repainted.  To explain why would be this long drawn out story of the floor girl telling us the reason our paint seems to be washing off the roof, hood & trunk of the car is because we had not waxed it properly.  I offered to show her the years-older Tundra I have never washed never mind waxed & looks just fine (dirty, but fine) & then she located a notice that there was in fact a flaw in that particular year's paint.  No shit Sherlock.  They took a week to do a three day job & fixed the door locks AGAIN.  If we ever buy another Honda, you will know the body snatchers have arrived.

Sherlock.  I watched seasons one through three in a week, which I know is no one else's idea of bingeing, but I have trouble sitting for 45 minutes for any reason at all.

Buffy.  After Sherlock, I moved on to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  As a palate cleanse.

I also tipped out our closet, unloaded shoes, bags & clothing, located he TWO separate holes we suspect mice have been using & put it back together.  Still don't have enough room for all our crap.  My crap.

I found a dog that looked just like Jane on-line & gazed at the post on Petfinder every day for three weeks but managed to not dial the phone.  This would be much easier if I could just stop cruising Petfinder, but I cannot.

I have finished no quilts or projects of any kind, but the roses are looking wonderful & the peacock ginger is going gang-busters.  I managed to spend my day-a-week at the herbarium, made it to a new faculty meet & greet reception-thing in a skirt & everything, got the dogs that we have groomed groomed & have mostly kept my head above water.  But when something has to give, it's blogging.

I hope I'm back.  I think I am.

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