Monday, March 23, 2009

Locals only

On Saturday the first part of my vegetable seed order finally arrived. Yes, this is late. I placed my order by check well over a month ago only to learn the company I have dealt with for many years is so swamped by orders they are running 3 weeks behind.

Except for the part where my seeds are running late, I could not be happier. This means more people are at least thinking about gardening & where their food comes from. As for the lateness, I am lucky to live in Florida; if my vegetables go in a month late I am not really going to lose so very many harvest days. Yes, I will lose some, but it is not like I run a vegetable stand.

Besides, almost everybody already knows that I have grave doubts that my plants will last all that long, even in off-the-ground planters. So I am starting many many seeds & handing them out to anyone who wants them in the hopes that some of the produce will make its way back to me. & if it does not, that is not the end of the world either.

So, if you are local & would like some heirloom tomatoes (mule team & costoluto genovese) or hot peppers (yellow scotch bonnets & red peter) or would like the seeds for some hybrid tomatoes or hybrid mild peppers that were sent with a 'sorry you are having to wait message', drop me a note. The eggplant, more tomatoes, & the gourds (long story) should be here by the end of this week.

I am afraid this is open to locals only; I am sorry.

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