Sunday, March 15, 2009

A useless vacation OR Spring broken

I have been taking an accidental vacation these past two weeks. No, I did not fall (again) & break anything (again), I just cannot seem to plug in. I go through my usual motions, I show up, but do not quite connect.

This week has been Spring Break week here at the university, which makes for much easier parking. We spent a day at a botanical garden south of here I have never visited. It was my favorite kind of vacation, a day spent with A doing something new but not very taxing & sleeping in my own bed on both ends.

It took me more than a week to recognize spring fever; I do not feel like I really have the right to spring fever. After all, I am hardly pressed to do anything I do not want to (except those things that cannot not be done; I would not want to take a break from say brushing my teeth or cleaning my ears). Still, spring fever it clearly was. This morning I woke up with actual mental energy; it was a nice change.

& now I will buckle down & finish those blog entries with recipes & updates & puzzles &....tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow.

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