Friday, May 1, 2009

The chick is in the mail

I have ordered my (baby) hens to arrive the week of June 8. & I still spent much of March & April cruising slowly past the peep bins at all the local feed stores.

I ordered the three french hens, as threatened & yet, there is something about mongrel/mystery chicks. Their little chirpchirpchirp draws me in. Still, I managed to turn down an offer of FREE TO GOOD HOME chicks. Actually I made the 'to good home' part up. I do not think they care, they just have too many. Unfortunately the chicks are the result of unknown parentage & we do not know what might be X & what might be Y. No one will know until the boys start beating up the girls... & the other boys who may or may not still look just like the girls. There probably is a way to sex them, but without knowing the contributing parent on either side it is hard to guess what that way might be.

So I did very well keeping my hands on my shopping cart & not reaching for the mystery birds. I kept reminding myself, my chicks are in the mail. Or they will be by the beginning of next month.

& then L**** e-mailed that she bought some birds she really did not have room for & thy made more. They made more birds, not more room. W***** has agreed o take t rooster & adult hens to the farm where they can live out their days in the barns, doing general insect control, but the babies, the babies will need good homes.

This means, of course that I will get a few mystery birds (mystery gender, L**** knows what kinds of birds she has, but alas they are breeds not easily sexable until maturity) after having resisted so well for so long. Ah well, at least it is warm out & they will not need the lamp for long. After all, I have more birds due in just over a month.

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