Friday, May 29, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor?

Foreclosures have finally come to my little island. Not that I live on an island; I live in the only town in the county with no surface water & no water = no island. I also live in the state with one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, in a county with one of the lowest foreclosure rates in the country.

There has been a lot of speculation about why that is: Is it because so many university people live on soft-money renewed every year so they make large down payments & qualify only for smaller loans? Is it because the family farms here are smaller overall than in the mid-west so they have been able to hold on? Whatever the reason (or more likely reasons), it probably helped that we are effectively a mid-sized county in a state famous for having the most rural & the most urban counties. Everything is milder in the middle.

The house in question flew up a few years ago. It was OKay, but boring: white straight siding, no plantings except grass. We rarely saw anyone outside, they watered their lawn at strange times & aggressively. Seriously, they once watered for three straight days, 24 hours a day. Then nothing until all the grass was burned & brown. Then they watered non-stop & it came back. This was actually the first clue the house was a rental.

The second clue is inside. I have been told each bedroom has a complete bathroom, but the house itself has no 1/2 bath for guests. Neither does mine (have a 1/2 bath; we make guests use the yard), but then again our three bedrooms do not each have an en suite, either. This floor plan is typical of the student-rentals close to campus, but I really have no idea who thought there needed to be one out here.

Since the sign went up, a number of things have been done to make it look more like a home & less like an apartment block. I know some of the trees in front are new (I think there were only two before) & all of the flowers. I admit I am tempted every time a go by & see the door open &/or cars in the driveway to ask to have a look. & I am quite sure they would let me see all I want, I just have not had the time.

So it goes on the auction block in early-June. I am guessing it could be quite the financial coup for the person who wants to live there. Maybe with a couple roommates...? Maybe not.

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