Saturday, September 19, 2009

One less rooster

A number of people already know but we were less-than-pleased with this year's order from the hatchery we have used for years. Although I have been told that their business has ka-BOOMed over the past few years, between slow food & the economy, I am unhappy enough that I can say I will never do business with them again.

Among the many snafus we received several roosters when we should not have received any. Well, as of this morning we have one less.

I think I know how the ?possum?raccoon? got him out. That white piece is a flap in the bottom of the door although it is closed with a chain it does swing open enough that something with very small hands could pull something without the sense to keep his head in the pen out, stripping him of many of his feathers along the way.

We do still have one last rooster: a good natured, good sized ameraucana boy. If someone would like him to keep their ladies in chicks, let me know.

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