Friday, December 18, 2009

Scraps gone wild

A few weeks ago, when I did the string quilt trunk show, I also got back (temporarily) one of my other quilts.  I consider it a string quilt but no one else does so  I will let you be the judge:

Yes, these are more of the omnipresent Classic Pooh scraps.  Two of my mothers three grandchildren had Classic Pooh nurseries (the other had all trademark figures banned; we are not a family of compromise).  Then there are all the other babies born around me & what with living so near the Magic Kingdom, most people consider Pooh a basic.  Like black.  Or plaid.

It made sense to buy what I saw on sale & just hang on to it.  When I got down to more minuscule pieces, it was hard to just toss them, so I would run them through the machine "just to catch the threads".  Then I would iron them, to practice my ironing...?  They would grow into these odd, amorphous, blobby shapes -much like the man himself- only to be squared off, sewn together & Voila!  Scraps gone wild.

Years after I made this first scraps gone wild quilt top, I came across someone in blog-land (I do not remember who, I would give you credit if I did) who framed her scraps on three sides with white.  She was going for ultimately uniform squares but still it segwayed nicely into what I was already doing.  What with printing a lot of photos on fabric I have a lot of strips of bleached muslin.

So I have started to add scraps, orphans block parts, previously unused scraps gone wild to the strips.  When I have a few in more or less the same width, I attach them.  Then maybe border them in white.  & keep going.

I have become one of those cooks who is more interested in the left-overs than the main course.

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  1. If that's not a string quilt, I don't know what to call it! I have a tendency to fixate on using scraps too.