Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When bedbugs bite

A month or two before I was due to visit Northern Climes, my hometown-ish newspaper made national headlines.  At least, I thought they had.  The short version is the watchdog reporter for the Hartford Courant was reported negatively (dare I say watchdoggedly) on one of the Courant's few remaining advertisers.  & then he was fired.

I do not remember where I first heard about it, it really was almost certainly the radio, but you can find the story to read here.  I followed the whole thing, to the degree there was something to follow & rather figured that those who still subscribe to the Hartford Courant did, too.

I figured wrong.  Not one person that I talked with on my return to Hartford County had any idea what had happened.  Even stranger, they had all noticed the absence of the watchdog reporter but thought his was one of several job cuts made over the past few month for budget reasons.  I know many newly former readers of the Hartford Courant have been disgusted with the combining of the paper & a local tv station (as I typed that last sentence, I pulled up the link to the station & indeed the headline story & photo were exactly the same).  After all, why buy a newspaper when they will plonk the exact same story on your television, no charge?  On a network you could not pay some people to watch?

So bed bugs bit a consumer.  & then they bit a reported.  & several months later, they are just starting to bite the media operation that fired him.

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