Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is when I learn I have something in common with Taylor Momsen

Let me begin by saying I could not pick Taylor Momsen out of a line up.  Even if she was the one that I saw running away after mugging that lady/robbing my house/shoplifting that whatever from the wherever.  Yes, there is that whole Gossip Girl thing but guess what-I don't watch it.  The only "under 25" people in this house are dogs (as in canines, not arfy teenage girls, who probably DO watch Gossip Girl).

But it turns out neither one of us is thinking about Haiti.  I admit it, I turn on the tv, it's about Haiti & I go do something else, change the channel or both.  I have made no donations to any Haitian relief funds & do not foresee a time when I will.   I am busy with my own life, as is Taylor Momsen.

Unlike herself, though I am consciously avoiding Haiti-watching.  Because I think it is vulgar.  These are human beings, not some circus side show out on for cable news channels so they can make "so sad" noises while cutting their overhead sharing a feed with every other network & still charging their advertisers top dollar.  This is the most depressed country in the Americas & was long before you could give the phone company their cut by donating to Haitian relief using their text services.

Will all this attention make a difference?  Sure.  Will most of that money get to Haiti? Probably. Will any of it make any life better than it was before the earthquake?  I doubt it.  In another day-week-month we will be watching some other BIG story (my money is on Michael Jackson rising from the dead) & no one will care any more than they did this time last month about Haiti.  Which is too damn bad, because Haiti really could use our help.


  1. Cynically I'm reminded of the 80's when a bunch of self involved pop singers got together to sing "We Are the World" and solve all hunger problems in Africa.

  2. Pass by on the other side....