Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wrong time

As per usual, the big birds started breeding as autumn came to an end, started laying when the weather turned chilly & last night being the first freeze of our winter, sat egg-adjacent all night thereby guaranteeing there will be no emu babies again this year. This is perfectly fine in the grand scheme of things (& if I were all fired up for emu babies I would bring them to an incubator) but it does make me think on two lines:

1. why the hell can they not get their calendar right?  I mean, giant prehistoric birds are not using paper to tell them it is breeding season, they must be using some weather-clue?  How then did they get it almost exactly wrong?

2.  maybe it is the time of year but I am thinking of entirely different lives I would have lived if I had returned that phone call, not quit that job, quit that one sooner, left well enough alone.  I can honestly identify two other, different ways my life certainly would have gone.  I do not think I am special in this, I think everyone can reflect on their lives & find at least one instance of right-place-right-time/wrong-place-wrong-time that made a difference that would not have been made a step or two earlier, later or at an entirely different juncture.

I am not complaining; I like my life.  I just realize it would not have taken much at particular points for it to be a very different life.  & I probably would have liked that one too. I am just wired that way.


  1. Sometimes I think that intelligence is actually a hindrance to historical longevity. I mean look at the alligator/crocodile. As for me, I am very sure there were critical moments and decisions in my life. Some not so great to remember, but I wouldn't change a one. I like where and who I am.

  2. how you go from emu eggs to life choices! what a jump! ok the Emu... me thinks the weather is acting out of sorts not the emu. it's been a crappy year and i've heard it many times already that this animal isn't ovulating right, that animal isn't coming into rut at the right time, this one is...and this summer was just way too hot! So maybe its the weather?

    Don't have much on the life choice! I wish i had sold this house before the market crashed? don't we all?