Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sick of Vick? Me too

Just a quick quick one:  BET started airing the Michael Vick Project earlier this month & sponsors have already started to withdraw as people contact them & voice their views.  I think I will miss Hershey's the most, but it turns out Diet Pepsi was not so hard to kick (I admit I fell off the wagon when the lunch-place we eat on Wednesdays ran out of all other caff-bevies but I got right back on-no problem).

Sackvick.net has been doing a good steady job of keeping up & so I defer to them on this.  The sponsor list is here &.  Sackvick, net has also been tracking who is dropping sponsorship of this program; I plan to write & say thanks.

Anyone on the fence, or who thinks people should just leave the man alone-he's done his time ponder this:  if he had never committed the crime, he would never have suffered the punishment (he confessed people); if he had never suffered the punishment he would not now have his own television show.

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  1. Thanks to all the legalities he really didn't serve any time for torturing and killing dogs. And he's never accepting any invitations to meet the surviving dogs.