Monday, February 1, 2010

Flexible art folio

I know I have been not keeping up post-wise for about a month.  The longer than usual warm season (the first freeze arrived almost a month late), the deeper than usual first freeze (I think the whole USA got part of that one) & then, once it did warm up, the weirdly warmer days have eaten into my time in ways I never would have thought possible.  There is also another reason:  I had queued up a few posts about holidays gifts & then realized I could not very well post them until the recipients' had them in hand.  That has also been impacted by the weather (no really, part of some of the gifts were emu eggs & they did not start laying until it started getting cold because they are confused & then it takes time to blah blah blahbity blah).

How about I get instead to today's post?  For December-holiday-of-your-choosing I made C****** an art materials folio.  Once upon a time, she sketched constantly, painted frequently & all that but now she has a real job (two actually), an apartment across town & a long-distance relationship so she spends a lot of her time in her car, carrying what she can in a gynormous purse.  It is not like the old days when she could retreat to her room & find her art supplies there; now she is killing time between jobs etc. miles from her stuff.  So I thought she might be able to use a folio for her pencils, papers, brushes & so on.

It did not take me long to realize that she would need more than one to accommodate whatever she might want to bring with her or something quite large to bring it all & that is when I realized I was going to have to deal with it myself.

It is quilted because I like to quilt.  Also I could not find any interfacing in the 30 seconds I was willing to dedicate my attention to looking & it needed something to give it body.  There are two different kind of pockets:  a long strip that can hold pencils &/or flat pencil case  &/or a long, thick sumi brush &/or a watercolor case &/or you get the idea.  The angled pocket can hold anything from a few sheets of postcard-sized paper to an 11x14 sketchpad.  Which brings us to why the folio ties shut instead of  buttoning or snapping or whatever.  The ties can work with any height or thickness of whatever she put in there.  She can fold the folio in half, in thirds & still tie it firmly shut.

This way, she can change what she carries on any given day (or week or month) & the same folio still works. Less crap is always good.

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