Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mii, myself & I

Sunday will be the fourth week I have been a WiiFit junkie.  I love everything about that silly toy & I am kicking myself for not buying one sooner.  Ever since it arrived, I get out of bed, I have my coffee & I weigh in.  I warm up with something light, I do stretches & I do yoga before getting on the elliptical (an actual elliptical, alas Wii has no such machine tie in or I would own it).  After the elliptical interruption I get back on that board for another 45 minutes or so.  I am addicted & mostly it is a good thing.

You should know that I have never been one of those exercise people.  I have taken a few classes, mostly of the Pilates variety (I am unbalanced, no really) because I am more interested in what a fit body can do (stay on a horse, for example) than what it looks like.  A flat stomach would be truly wasted on me & good thing , too, because it is never going to happen. 

I am also not temperamentally suited to public work-out environments.  I listen to books on disc when I ride, often deliberately choosing books I dislike; they make me so angry & I work harder.  This also means I shout things like "you stupid, stupid whore" or "do the f*cking math, asshole" which can be alarming to the people around me.

Finally, I really only have two speeds:  I don't want to be here & let's get this over with.  V** refers to my exercise personality as Crazy Chihuahua & more than once I have looked up to see A laughing at me.  So you can see how the stay-at-home Wii is a win:win.

Today I discovered the Wii's big drawback.  It seems all this cavalier careening off of cliffs, only to magically reappear safe & sound has had a negative effect in my driving.   I am singing along with the radio "oh I tried to make it Sunday but I got so damn depressed" -there is no radio in this town- & I find myself drifting across the lanes.  Whoops!  Apparently I need a cartoon-a-scape & maybe a clown car across my windshield just to keep things interesting.


  1. Yours is the best recommendation for a WiiFit I've seen so far... I think I need to find someone who has one and try it out (when they're not around, preferably)

  2. L***** and I have the same video game system (not a Wii) and have discussed the effect on our driving of long-term playing "Crash Team Racing". Now that A****** plays, too there is this little voice that pops up from the back seat sometimes and says, "shoot him with the missile!"