Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These longer days

I have not not been blogging, I just have not been posting.  Because I have not been finishing.  Sorry about that.

Sometime in the next week I need to:

-finish the directions for the next three block swaps & get them posted.

-finish not one not two but three baby quilts for whom boy-quilts had been made & then they turned up girls, two of them do not arrive until August/September which is some pressure off but still I am going to stop paying attention when someone says "it's a !".  On the flip side the next three boys are COVERED (get it, quilts, covered?).

-use that Joann's coupon.  Not that I am a Joann's fanatic or anything but if I have to pay full price for batting I will never forgive myself.

-remember to get that info about the bee-hive for sale.  Because a person who is allergic to stinging insects needs a bee-hive.

-pick blueberries.  It is blueberry season & i missed it entirely last year.  Blueberries are (almost) the only fruit I even like & I actually love them, so I need to get out there this time.

& in the next month:

-shop for a GPS.  This one is easy actually.  I just have to say to A that I really want a GPS for my road trip later this year & I will be presented with one.  First though I need to see what features I really care about.  This is harder than you might think because I am a technological fantasist.  that is, I get my heart set on features that are not combined in a single gadgets & then I am never satisfied.

-get those I-SPY swap squares together. I really enjoyed this last time, although I was almost too late, & I am one of those quilters who can never have enough 4" novelty squares.  If you are one of those, too there are still a few spots left.  I think.

It does not look like much but, well that is in addition to all the other stuff I don't do when I should.  Anyhow, one way or another things will be better by the end of the week.  If only because deadlines will have passed & if I miss them, they're gone.  That's the way it is with watersheds.  & solstices.

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