Monday, June 28, 2010

One woman's burden is another woman's valor

Remember when I was so jazzed to get rid of these squares that had been lurking in my demo-bag?  Yea, well I do.  & when I sent them to their new home with Green Eyed Silversmith I did not much care if her cub scout den used them for sewing practice or to clean the wood burning equipment (cub scouts still burn Do Your Best on blocks of wood & then varnish them, right?), just so long as I had them no more & could say, when I got the call, "sorry I do not have the materials to do that particular demo any more.  Could I interest you in something new?"

Anyhow, from that day to this I have not thought of them again.  OKay, that's a lie.  When I cleaned my demo-bag, I discovered another 1/2 dozen or so that had fallen to the bottom & pinned them up in my workroom.  I spent a week toying with the idea of using them for the Baby Snowballs block (patriotic babies-it happens), but I think instead they will form some of the houses in future Funky Town.

As for what I sent off, they were gone & that was fine.  I never expected to see them again.  & then this morning I was catching up on my quilting sites (it really has been an over-the-top-crazy-busy three months) & saw them, all quilted up!  Yes, yes, obviously she added at least as many of her own squares but I don't care.  I had started thinking of these squares as my quilting albatross & it turns out they still had some life in them.  Thank you J*******!

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  1. you're welcome! and thank YOU!!! i do love how this one looks, so simple and stunning at the same time. it should be shipped off to the navy next week sometime for presentation.