Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finnegan begin again

Here we are, another year.  & very nearly a day late, but that's the kind of year it has been.  I say this in the strong belief that is not the year it will be.  I know I have made allusions, but the last few months really have been just too much.  Surgeries, hospitalizations (unrelated to aforementioned surgeries), sick animals, sick relatives, sick trees; blah-ba-blah-blah-blah. 

Enough about that & more about what is coming up.  One of my dearest most fondest most often expressed wished may very well come true this year.  That's right: it looks like it just might rain the whole of the July 4th weekend.  Last night the neighbors tried to set off their usual barrage of stink & noise & it all fizzled!  I could not be happier.

Completely forgetting what day it was, we moved the three mares to W*****'s back pasture around 8pm.  On big fireworks days,  this would have meant they were sandwiched in a four-or-so acre alley between the two fireworks houses.  I really was not thinking.  Then while I was checking the gates & the waterer (& W***** showed me her new ground cover roses-very nice) it started to rain.  & then it really started to rain.  Then it began to pour, until finally the sky opened up. 

If I sound completely hard-hearted, these same patriots have no such problems during drought years when backyard fireworks are banned.  Thank G*d they have friends&relations on the local police force so when those crazy neighbor ladies call the cops on them they can get those police reports lost.  & nobody really used that old trailer anyway.

Happy Independence Day Eve.

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