Wednesday, July 7, 2010

National Hot Dog Month

It is National Hot Dog Month; has been since the first, but hey, I have been busy.  In honor of the occasion I have adopted another dog.  Ha-ha, just kidding Mom.   I will say though, after firecrackers, actual hot dogs - intestines stuffed with meat or more likely leftover not-meat animal parts are one of my least favorite things about summer.  I don't mind the humidity & I like the heat (which is lucky, considering where I live).  I am perfectly happy to work/sit outside during all but the most downpour of downpours.   M****** & A***** both saw me after I picked up the last CSA shares at the farmers market on the day it was thundering & lightening only at the farmers market (which was kind of cool).  Me & the farmer himself were the only ones wading out to the truck to unload. Easily a dozen other people huddled under the canopy waiting for it to clear up.

I am not saying this was a good idea.  I was so dripping wet when M****** called while I was making the return trip I was afraid to talk on my cell, so much water was running from my hair I thought I might electrocute myself.  A week later, C****** sat on the passenger side of the truck (where the bags of produce had been) & there was still a wet spot.  This past weekend I treated the upholstery with AGAIN because that faintly moldy smell just will not go away.   In Fladidah, it is unlikely to go completely away until things freeze sometime around Thanksgiving.

All of these trials are preferable to being in the presence of even one hot dog.  Which brings us back to:  July is National Hot Dog Month.   On a completely unrelated note, July is also Bioterrorism /Disaster Education Month.  I googled this, hoping to find the official site but found something oh so much better.

What else can I say about hot dogs? Not much, as it happens as I do not eat them, I do not serve them,  I live a life generally not-hot dog adjacent.  I did read Confederacy of Dunces though.  I kind of didn't get it.  I mean I could follow the story I just was not clear why anyone would bother.  I really only have one memory of anything in particular from the book & that was the last movie watched when he should have been working.  It is never named, but it is one of my favorites; I am sure CoD fans everywhere know this bit of trivia, but it's all I've got. I have a vague recollection of my mother recommending this book to me. She also highly recommended Cold Mountain which I could not read.  Ditto Wicked.   I DID read Managing Ignatius about Lucky Dogs itself.  That was interesting.

That's all I've got.

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