Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I SPY bonanza

Earlier this year I participated in an I SPY swap & was so please (& I am never pleased), I joined her next one which wraps this week. You could ask yourself what a person without kids & grown or growing nieces/nephew could possibly do with all those 4" novelty squares & the answer is Once Upon A Time.

My story quilts do not look so much like FunQuilts story quilts (we call them story quilts, they do not, so far as I know), but the idea, the block dimensions & the diagonal block cheat all came from their book.  I have been known to say there are truly only two or three quilt books I need to own; this is one of them. 

& for the record, these are not just for kids; I routinely make them for adults.  I often replace four smaller squares with one larger square of a scene or more complex image & made music stories & beach stories & holiday stories & farm stories & ballet stories & right now I am working on a cancer story.  Only farm & ballet went to persons under the age of twelve.

In any case, it is too late for this swap (for you anyhow), but if I were you, I would keep an eye on fabriKate & when she has another, jump in with both feet.

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