Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is over, long live spring

In mid-February, when my mom was visiting, we took a walk around the local botanical garden.  I used to spend a lot more time there than I do now; I had not been since the last time we took my mom.

When we went our own backyard camellias were peaking & slipping down the other side, theirs were as good as over; their azaleas were in full bloom, ours opened later in March; the bulb garden was in full swing, ours were also in full swing, mostly because I force them indoors BUT the amaryllis someone planted outside the back door, when the house ended at the kitchen & now that garden is in the corner behind the Trane were not blooming yet, then.  They are just opening now.

These seasonal pockets can be quirky: my yard lags behind a neighbors by about a day & of course on the grand scale, what is already waiting for next spring here is just this spring springing where my mom actually lives, so she is kind of having two springs.  I wonder if that is why she always tries to visit in February?

Whatever the reason, that day spring was everything it should be & we were in a garden.

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