Friday, June 3, 2011

We were expecting Mister Lincoln

This past spring there was this rack of roses marked clearance & of course I could not resist.  For six dollars I got six roses, four of them survived, one of those was given away & now those that made it are starting to bloom.

This one is the only one I bought on purpose; that is I had no preference re: the looks (color, size), style (climbing, shrub) etc. when it came to the others.  This was the one I wanted; the others were extras in one of those buy one get five free giveaways. 

I have always loved the rose Miser Lincoln.  I love the name, I love the look & we even hit the planet around the same time (Mister Lincoln had his big debut the year before I was born).  I was all set for a feathery, bushy, not-too-flowery rose bush.  & that is what I got, but this sure is not Mister Lincoln.  Who this blush beauty is I  don't know, but tall & red with strong fragrance it ain't.

Also not what they seem is a Joseph's Coat that shows every sign of being a small shrub rose (not climbing, not large) & small shrub rose that shows every sign of climbing, but is not, alas Joseph's Coat.

For now, I guess I will leave them where they are until I am certain how they are going to behave; I cannot put them thru another planting this season & expect much in the way of blooms (clues) anyhow.

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