Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yogurt maker the second

Yes, yes it is true my previous post a tale of two yogurt makers actually only had one yogurt maker in it.  I ran out of time.  So without further ado, here she is My New Yogurt Maker!  I call her Gertie & she is a dream.

One of the reasons there was no second yogurt maker in the other post is I did not get around to using her until late last month.  Hey, I was busy.  & then I got a new cow (NEW COW!) & then I had more milk than I usually have & went looking for a purpose.

Now I finish the morning milking & I take those results & do the whole heat-cool-mix in cultures thing.  Then into Gertie it goes, somewhere between 10:15-10:30, out again eight hours later & into the fridge overnight.  For breakfast the next morning we have two quarts of the best yogurt you have ever, ever tasted.  This week I have been mixing it with M******'s homemade granola & the blueberries A got from a co-worker (we swapped for farm fresh eggs). 

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