Monday, November 7, 2011

JOY for the shortest days of the year

We are down to the last Facebook Quilt Block Swap Group swap of 2011 & it is....JOY.

You can find the directions (more guidelines, really) here, but the gist is make a quilt block (make five, we swap in sets of five) of the word JOY.  They do not have to be the same fabrics, they do not even have to be the same technique.  They can be appliqued, embroidered, pieced whatever it takes to make JOY.

So far, no blocks other than my demo blocks are in-house so I am making the decision not to do a 6th block quilt for this swap.  That means make six & keep one yourself & send the five.  I realize there is a possibility no blocks will ever arrive but c'est la vie.  In general, I get more messages about the December block/deadline than all the others rolled into one.  I hoped that posting the block six months early would help, but maybe it hasn't; I also realize maybe this block has not caught fire with anyone & hey, that is allowed.  One of the primary rules of this swap is no pressure:  swap when you want to, when you can, when you are inspired & sit out the others.

This block will need at least one fabric, two if you are piecing although you can use more if you like.  I would suggest one of them be a read-as-solid so that the letters stand out, but so long as there is contrast between the background & the letters, the word will still be legible.  It should be 6.5" unfinished/6" finished by 6.5" unfinished/6" finished OR LARGER.  The block does not need to be, almost certainly will not be, square. 

One of the December swap queries has been why I we are making Christmas blocks to swap December 31st.  I would like to float the idea that there are other kinds of JOY.  Baby joy & garden joy & patriotic joy &...&... there are lots of ways to make this block without getting bogged down in just the one holiday. 

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