Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day

I know, right?  But there it is.  May 26th is Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day.  We actually observed this high holy day on Thursday when we went to the teaching zoo (where you go to learn to be a zookeeper).

We have been to the teaching zoo before (I have even blogged it before), but my mom is visiting & she hasn't been so of course I brought her there, even before I knew about the baby born not-sure-when (no one is) who is still keeping a low profile.  It is easier to go these days.  They have more public-friendly hours, but they used to have mandatory guided tours which were kind of nice & now they don't, unless you call in advance, which I didn't.  On the other hand, the trail was crawling with zookeeping students who were hapopy to flip through their books & answer any question they didn't know the answer to.

What else is there to say?  It is a pleasant walk, mostly shady.  The animals you see can be seen at many zoos; the first purpose is to teach undergraduate zookeepers their craft/trade. Animals with large territorial requirements just don't fit.  Many of the breeds that could be found in the wild locally have actually been injured & cannot rejoin their fellows.  Many of the others are endangered & are part of breeding programs.

Which brings us to Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day. & the events they have planned around it at the zoo.  When we were there we didn't see the baby Matschies Tree Kangaroo (although maybe you would today), but we did see the baby monkey/capuchin/I don't quite recall & even better, in my opinion, the peachicks following their mamas around the trails as you go from exhibit to exhibit. 

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