Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lefcado revisited

A few months (a year? no, not yet), a few months ago, I wrote a post ostensibly about Saint Maura but really about other things, including how no one had heard of Lefcado Hearn.  I was not expecting much in the way of hue & cry, not because I think Lefcado Hearn is completely off the map, but becasue I know not that many people read this blog for anything other than the quilt patterns & those that do are not-so-much for poetry written in Japanese.  Also, it helped that not many people have heard of Lefcado Hearn.

Imagine my DELIGHT when he made an appearance over in Letters of Note.

I think I am going to leave this post here & let you go over there & read that one.  It is better than what I write anyhow.  I think I especially like the bit about there being no point in editing out the words with no meaning in the language (or a very different meaning than Lefcado Hearn experienced, what with him thinking letters had colors & all).  & of course a bad reason for doing something being better than no reason at all.

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