Monday, October 1, 2012

Split star encore

Last year in June, the Facebook Quilt Block Swap Group had a split-ish star for our swap, specifically the Massachusetts Star.  It would be a mistake to say it went badly, but it did not exactly go well.  Multiple blocks (in one case every single block from one of the swappers) were wrong; specifically the parts were all right but they were assembled all wrong.  The Massachusetts star is a two fabric 9-patch, but seven squares of the 9-patch had something going on; they were either 1/2-square or 1/4-square triangles & it was their arrangement that made the split star effect.   When the layout was incorrect, it just didn't work.

Unfortunately I had set this block for a month the 6th blocks were all going to a Quilt of Valor project.  A LOT of people wanted to participate & I think that was part of the problem.  People who were not interested in such a complicated block gave it a shot anyway because they wanted to be part of the Quilt of Valor.  To round the fiasco out nicely, after the Quilt of Valor quilt top was made, quilted & almost ready to go we learned one of the fabric's color had bled into the adjacent blocks & the quilt was not eligible for the Quilt of Valor program.

I felt like the universe was telling me to stay away from more complex blocks & I confess the past year of Facebook Quilt Block Swap Group blocks have all been on the beginner/advanced beginner end of things.  I even pulled a Kansas Troubles style block I was that worried about, which I kind of regret.  Then about a week ago, I got the sneak peek of the October Block Lotto Block & I love it.

It takes three fabrics & they would need to be different from each other to have the contrast to make the edges sharp & while it doesn't have the 1/4-square triangles, it does have flying geese, which can be tricky.  I will have to chew on it over the winter & maybe come up for something for next spring.  In the meantime, though, isn't it a pretty star?


  1. it is a great star.

    knowing how the massachusetts QOV was a gorgeous quilt once assembled and my heart sank when it came out of the wash. just know it has been given to a veteran outside of QOVF, who saw it as i did coming out of the wash.

  2. I am glad, you should put a note in the Fb group. There is one person who is QUITE SURE it was her fabric that ran & she has been feeling terrible (I told her I don't know who it was & it could & has happened to everyone at one time or another; live & learn).