Monday, November 5, 2012

Noche buena second-to-last call, one more time

We are down to the second-to-last month of the last block swap of 2012.  As I said in the original post, this is a mostly-copy of the african violet block from Block Lotto in 2011.  It may be an exact copy (that is what I was going for), but as I could not find the original instructions, I made my own.

The directions for the making the swap block are here .  Also, Sophie -the Queen of Block Lotto- was good enough to let me know the original pattern can be found on the Block Lotto's pattern page (go here & scroll down to Violet-they are alphabetical-so rational!).  The Block Lotto pattern has the added advantage of six different sizes (we are still swapping just the 8.5" unfinished/8" finished size). 

The directions for participating in the swap are unchanged, but we have enough new people....& that is where I went astray.

What I meant to say was the guidelines have not changed much since we started in January 2009.  If you want to join the swap, or just lurk, the easiest thing is to join the group on Facebook (search Quilt Block Swap & ask to join).  It is a closed group because in the early days we were plagued with cross posting adverts, also my home address & other contact info. is right there (including a mailing label with the post office barcode, which has helped A LOT when it comes to preventing  AWOL swap blocks) & I wasn't crazy about that being open to people I didn't even know.

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