Sunday, November 4, 2012

October was a good month for blogging

This past October probably doesn't look it, from out there, but in here it was miserable.  One of the reasons there are so many more blog posts than any other month (even most other months combined) was the amount of time I had to kill sitting around doctor's offices, car repair places, waiting on the large animal vet, etc.  It turns out blogging can be picked up & put down, like mending. Still, I am looking forward to a more peaceful November.  We had one big appointment this month & that was last Friday.  We have plans for Thanksgiving, but I am not cooking so that is one of those show up & eat things. 

October being good for blogging made it not-good for almost every other activity.  I am hoping November will be good for quilt top basting, horse grooming, fence mending (literally, we have boards down) & actually seeing some real live humans of my choosing & not receptionists at doctor's offices. Not that they aren't nice people, they just aren't...

I'm going to stop now.

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