Wednesday, July 3, 2013

52 Photos Project: Red, White, Blue

Given what week it is, what day tomorrow is, I guess I should not have been surprised by the topic over at 52 Photos Project this week: Red, White, Blue.  I am not sure I was surprised exactly, just resigned.    I am just the tiniest bit sick of red, white & blue.  I mean, they are ubiquitous.  Try, just try going somewhere, anywhere without seeing them any time of the year & last week, this week & for the rest of the month...well.

So here is my photo.  Since the topic contained the option "or", I decided to go with blue, & blue is the color of that little dog bed there.  You could make an argument for the little dog being a red dachshund, but you would be wrong; she shows every sign of being a dapple (although very likely a red dapple), including the two different color eyes...which are hard to see because I had to adjust for red-eye.  More RED!

More than that, though, this little girl is blue.  She is here while her family is on vacation & she is a little bit sad.  It is hard to communicate to a dog that this is a temporary thing & since she has been abandoned before (I came to have her because she had been left at the library-not a completely strange thing to do as the local librarian operates a small pet rescue & this is well known in the neighborhood; well known to the librarian is that I am crazy for dachshunds in general & minis in particular).  At that time, this little girl had sparkle-purple painted toenails, a sweet disposition, terrible teeth & some stomach lumps.  She could have made a 24/7 permanent home with us, but her new mommy, her currently on vacation mommy, fell in love with her during book club & the rest was history. 

She is back here for an extended visit while her family is away & she is missing them something awful.  Our own mini-dachshund has been missing her friend & is doing her best to be welcoming.  They spend a lot of daytime sitting close to each other on the couch & nighttime snuggled up against us in bed & even though she is putting on a good face, what this girl really wants is to go home.  I have seen enough abandoned dogs to know the signs; they mourn.  & while we are happy to have her (& boy am I glad she could come here instead of a more conventional boarder), she will be thrilled when her family comes home.  On a bittersweet note, she will probably miss her new dachshund friend, so here we are, back to BLUE again.

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