Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back on Block Lotto

I accidentally sat out last month's Block Lotto.  I had blocks made but because of home network stoopidness & bad weather & being out of tow, I never posted them.  I am taking no chances this month; I put up the first block I made & am putting together many more.  Because I want to WIN.

In the meantime, here is one of the I-Spy houses made from, you guessed it Bird Trap block fabric.  I am thinking of launching a whole new set of bird traps around this I-Spy theme.   After all, I have plenty of fussy cut fabric.

As for the Bird Trap quilt itself, I am getting the final square-em-up borders on today.  I hope.  I decided against one outer border & have started to put on a few narrow borders to slowly bring it back in line.  In square.  In rectangle, I guess. 

I am also toying with entering it in a quilt show happening in September.  The submission deadline is later this month & I really should be done.  On the other hand, this show while charming is a bit old fashioned.  I am thinking this might be too weird.  Eh, I have plenty of time to decide.  Unless I drag my feet & miss the deadline & then the decision is made that way.

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