Friday, June 21, 2013

Bird trap quilt block quilt top (almost)

As promised, I dialed down the posts about the bird trap quilt block, but I did not stop making these blocks.  I am crazy addicted to these blocks.  I cannot see a time when I am not running these through the machine; I hoard every weird shaped scrap or left-over 1/2-square triangle & I look forward to the one (or two or three) days a month I let myself play with them. 

Yes, I am that sad.

So without further ado, here is the first, almost complete bird trap quilt block top.  Yesterday, A helped me measure the sides because they are waaaaay out of sinc.  Over an inch difference from the left to the right side; I usually go borderless with any out-of-my-head quilts because they just don't need them & when I am done I like to be DONE (no, I am not OCD when it comes to measuring, it's just that the same ruler, the same machine, the same presser foot usually add up to the same size edges...but not this time).  & while the not-square shape would make it even more like the original bird trap quilt block quilt, I decided I would be happier if it was squarer.  Or at least rectangler.

& now the quilt:

There is a lot going on here (just the way I like it!).  There are seven (7) blocks that actually meet the criteria for the Facebook Bird Trap Quilt Block swap & two that don't (mostly because they are too big).  There are others that could have met the requirements if I had kept going (they were undersized & missing a few rounds) but I already had the nine (9) to swap & plenty of extras (yes, another quilt top worth if you must know). 

Also in here are many birds from the April 2013 Block Lotto pattern, sort of.  As with some of the bird trap blocks, these also did not meet the criteria (& FYI that little legless one at the bottom there will get legs, I need to embroider them in as she is too small for the pieced-stick legs) so I kept them.  Okay, I made them to keep, they were never going to the Block Lotto.

I should be clear, the bird trap quilt block does not actually require birds, but I saw that birdcage fabric & well.  Then as I was wrapping those up, the Block Lotto birds got posted & well.  So. 

There are still plenty of spaces in the swap if you are interested.  Your quilt top won't look like this ( my next quilt top made from blocks made from these same fabrics won't look like this), but do you really care?  Wouldn't you rather have one of your own one of a kind?  & lastly, if you came over from Block Lotto - Weekend Update: Welcome!


  1. Love this! I have, coincidentally, been planning to make some of those birds for a project of my own. Your wonderful quilt is motivating me to get busy!

  2. Like Sophie, love your top! What a creative way to use those birds.

  3. That's a great quilt. I love the name and that you put the birds in with the blocks.