Monday, June 3, 2013

52 Photos Project: Uncommon Shapes

Over at 52 Photos Project this week it is "uncommon shapes".  The first shape I thought of was an exclamation point.  You know! 

Whenever anyone talks about not-often-perceived shapes I do usually think punctuation.  They are not quite letters&numbers, but meaningful just the same.  & I have a slew of photos of things that look like commas, semi-colons etc., but in the end I decided to spare you.  Instead of going with a shape that has a meaning I decided on a shape that doesn't get much press:  the sexagon.

Yes, yes you can call it a hexagon or a six sided polygon, but it will be "sexagon" to me for as long as I have a sense of humor.  & here it is, the reason I like sexagons:  they just fit together so nicely.

I had many many scraps left over from the rolling stone rainbow blocks & I thought, wouldn't it be fun to amass a pile of rainbow flowers?  So I have begun; I may never finish.  Let me revise that, I will probably finish, just unlikely it will be a whole quilt of just this shape

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