Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No more debt

I did not win Block Lotto in April.  I didn't really think I would as I only made two birds blocks.  Actually I made SLEWS of bird blocks but the wrong size, the wrong color because I actually made them for my Bird Trap Quilt Block quilt top. 
Those two birds have long since been mailed, & I revised my debt to 18.  & since this month's block is lovely, but just not my thing I had planned to knock a few more off before the end of the month.  I knocked off 21. 

Here's the thing:  they were really really easy to slide in between more complicated, brain-taking blocks.  I have been composing boats & bird traps more or less as I go.  Then I started bringing extra bird traps up to size to make a top.  & the way my sewing room is se up I need to stand & walk a few steps between sewing machine, cutting table & ironing board.  This is mostly a good thing; it kills me when some quilters complain their back, shoulders, arms, etc. are achy & then I find out they never once got out of their chair in a whole day of sewing.

So while I don't mind the hopping up & down, once I get to one place I would like to spend more than 30 seconds there.  So I cut a bunch of geese squares, the four smaller ones for the background & the one larger one of the goose itself & slid a few of those through the machine, under the iron & so forth while doing what I was really doing.

Hence the 21.  I don't mean 21 geese, I mean 21 completed blocks that meet the May Block Lotto requirements.  There are also many orphan geese just sort of piled up, in different stages of completion. I'm sure they will make a fine border on something. 

I got the first three blocks posted in time to get the June Block Lotto sneak peek & while I am prohibited from going into any detail before the first of the month, it is safe to say that while I will make a block or two (I hope) for Block Lotto, I am unlikely to go as crazy.  So I am just as glad my previous Block Lotto win of 38 low volume hearts has been paid back in full. 


  1. You know there never was any real debt, right? But you're sweet to contribute to the pot (and those 21 blocks pushed us over the threshold of having enough for a third winner this month. Thanks!

    1. call it a karmic debt. I know the rules don't say anything about it but I feel like it is a]part of my share.