Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quilt Block Regatta for June 2013

It is hard for me to believe, but the June Quilt Block Swap block is up.  Is it me or has this been a fast four months?  So, the June block, due the last Saturday in June is a boat block, any boat you like, any size you like (the block itself should be 10.5" unfinished/10" finished, but you can make a smaller boat & then size it up with borders). 

While it is possible, even probable most of these blocks will end up in kids quilts, please make boats that could be used in an adult's quilt, try to avoid juvenile fabrics or licensed characters (for example when asked, I nixed a SpongeBob pineapple boat).

For my boats, I used blue for the sea&sky, but you don't have to use blue just so long as you use something that could be sea&sky.  & that you use the same fabric for both sea & sky so that there is a "boats in the foreground; sea&sky in the background" effect.  This will also help a variety of boats in different shapes, sizes styles etc. all work together. 

Now for the boats themselves:  they can be pieced, appliqued, foundation pieced, embroidered....  if I could think of another technique, I would suggest it.  Broderie perse, would also work, if you had a boat fabric & wanted to cut out the boat & use that.  I would also not turn away a small fleet if you preferred to make a single block with several tiny boats...or even a single block with one tiny boat for that matter. 

I made the boat above using 2.5" 1/2 square triangles, a leftover 2" strip & some scraps.  I elimintade the differnt fabric for the wter & made botg sea&ky the same, then added borders to bring it to size.  I used one of the previously suggested boats as a jumping off point but saw no reason to stick to the pattern.  You can, of course, just remember to bring it up to size using your sea&sky fabric.

This is the Facebook Swap Block's June 2013 block.  We swap in sets of five, you send five & get five back.  If you would like to join us, the easiest thing is to ask to join the group (Quilt Block Swap-Every Other Month) on Facebook.  & if you came over from Block Lotto's Weekend Update: Welcome!

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