Wednesday, May 1, 2013

52 Photos Project: Microscopic

I posted last week that I have decided to jump in with the 52 Photos Project.  This week's target (I have decided to stop thinking as rules as rules & guidelines as guidelines & assignments as assignments.  I am not getting paid for this so I am calling them all targets.  If there is ever a blog tour on semantics I will be ALL SET).

Like I said:  microscopic.  For those who don't know or those who forgot, my husbands world is mostly microscopic, smaller even.  He is, in short, a nano guy.  Thus my world is full of microscopy in a way most people's just, well, aren't.  Naturally this leaves me with the suspicion that my world is overwhelming microscopic & I have just lost the ability to see it. 

Ah well, here is my photo this week for Microscopic:

I know seeds are kinda obvious for "microscopic" & dandelions are probably the most photographed seeds.  I don't care, I love them.


  1. It could be that the only people who really like dandelions are photographers. Dandelions do make some great photos.

  2. i love them too...i have a dandelion seed that was floating next to the dandelion as my header this month. great shot!!!

  3. You captured the small details perfectly. Nice shot!

  4. Thank you for sharing to {microscopic}! Excellent shot!