Wednesday, May 8, 2013

52 Photos Project: Street Art

Between our house & the town center (I know it is the town center because that is where the stoplight is), there is a median with a crop of protected wildflowers.  At least that is what the sign says.  As far as I can tell, they mow it only marginally less than the other medians.   Also people don't seem more or less likely to throw garbage out of their cars there, so I am not really clear on what "protected" entails.

Over at 52 Photos Project, this week's theme is Street Art.  I realize this is not quite what people have in mind when the think about street art.  The examples given included chalk, stickers, graffiti...  I thought about heading into the next town over, a larger community, built largely around the university.  There is a well known wall of graffiti that sees a pretty high turnover (my high school had a large rock in front of the main entrance in a "spray paint this instead, please" kind of way).  But that wall is already well documented by better photographers than me; it is so well known it even has a Wikipedia entry

Across from that graffiti wall is a median planted with five palm trees, one for each of Danny Rolling's victims.  Which put me in mind of more botanical street art & reminded me of the installation I pass every time I go to the post office or the feed store or any downtown errand. 

It is not as powerful as the two mentioned above, but there is something about those fragile flowers that so many people think of as weeds growing there in the exhaust.  Not all, but many of them are annuals.  This means that if, one year they don't flower there next year they just won't be there. 

It is just that easy to be gone.


  1. I like your take on the theme.... seems we all see street art as individually as street art itself

  2. I like your take too! Looks like street art to me!

  3. I love roadside wildflower gardens. This one is beautiful and you captured it perfectly.

  4. probably meaning that people can't cut them...very, very cool contribution to this theme!!

  5. Wonderful interpretation! Gorgeous photo!

  6. Love what you take as streetart.