Monday, May 26, 2014

I got the waiting blues

The deadline for the next Cotton Robin turn around is fast approaching & I am still waiting for my project to arrive.  Yes, yes it is possible it will hit my mailbox tomorrow afternoon.  Maybe not.  Back in....I want to say December but I might be wrong, the Robin Ringmaster polled everyone & said "are you sure?" & everyone said "you betcha - I have time for this over the next four to five months".  & not long after two people dropped out. 

I don' t mean to be unsympathetic.  It is more than possible two people were visited by unforeseen tragedy.  Ten, no make that fifteen years ago I would have accepted this without question.  More or less without question anyhow.  Now of course I have a ringside seat to why people drop in, drop out & generally get pissy when others do not rearrange their own lives to accommodate what is all too often a minor concern (yes there is the occasional cancer scare or stroke-both of these have actually happened but mostly it's "oh that was this month?").  I have also ranted a-plenty about students who think professors are sitting at their desks waiting like empty hand puppets for some bright young thing to walk through the door & engage them.  Aren't you glad I am not in charge of the next generation's education?

I should back up & say this year's exam season was a breeze compared to previous years.  My guess is this newish policy of linking students' current grades to whether or not their bright futures scholarships continue for the next semester/year has resulted in a much more alert classroom.  Yes, there are still breakdowns: the crying jags, the dead grandmothers, the roommates who plot against them, but the easy-going slackers who used to take the short term F until they could repeat the class are gone.  What we never realized was how much of the problem those easy going slackers were:  the calls, the meetings, the parents.  It was quite the time-drain.

So I have built up quite the head of steam & have no place to release it except the Cotton Robin.  Or the Facebook Quilt Block Swap, but I am already barely touching base with many of these people.  I have been so absent, the other group admin is now getting the fun questions like "how many inches in a yard?"  I was not meaning to stick her with this crap but I guess I don't mind someone else knowing what backstage looks like. 

Which brings us to this week-end.  I had hoped to be sorting at least SOME of the quilt blocks due this coming Saturday, but as you may have guessed almost none of them have arrived.  So I dug out an overgrown garden, moved some ginger varieties to a new location (we now have a shade garden in the front yard, not what I was going for but I could not bear to take out the volunteer oak three years ago & now it is rather grand).  We road tested a few zero-turn mowers & in the end A decided to spend the bulk of a day fixing the old one which was just fine with me; I was not looking forward to learning a whole new style of driving. 

On the other hand, a semi-pointless ride-along was probably just the thing for the mood I am in. 

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