Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinnamon-girl good-bye

Before I sat down to write this I took a look through previous posts to see what I had told the world about Cinnamon-girl.  The answer is not all that much.  So let me begin with what a very nice goat she was.  She was not a super goat, she didn't do anything remarkable.  But she was a fine goat ambassador.  Ambassadress.

She came when she was called, either by name or by saying "Meheheheheh".  & she loved to make conversation: when someone talked to her she always talked back, usually in a very soothing "Mhmhmhmh" sort of way.  When she felt quiet she would rest her chin & throat against you & burp quiet grassy burps. 

Cinnamon-girl has not been doing well for a couple months.  She used to run like a marionette cut loose of her strings, but over the winter she stopped running entirely.  Most days she slept alone in the barn, just sort of drowsing until I called her to come for snack time in the backyard (she ate my brand new roses this weekend; they will grow back).  On Sunday I told A I didn't think it would be much longer.  She was stumbling a bit, but hungry & eat happily.

But today, no snack time.  I found her down at the back of the pasture.  Her legs were cycling & I while I could push her up on to her chest (& did so I could pour water into her mouth -which she could swallow).  I kept her as cool as I could, pulling her out of the sun & putting an old -t-shirt under her head so she didn't get grit in her eye.  A came home from work & did what needed to be done.

We buried her in where we have put dogs & cat,  mini-mule & even emus.  When we put her in the ground, we both realized how very thin she was although  she had been eating plenty.  She was not a young goat when we got her.  I don't have the heart to look up her papers right now, but we are know she was in her late teens/early twenties. 

Good bye Cinnamon-girl.  I will miss the way you stood on your hind legs, your front legs hanging down from the elbow eating leaves from the trees.  You always looked like Miss Gulch, if she ate leaved from trees.  Which would have improved her. 

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