Monday, February 23, 2009

"The drummer relaxes & waits between shows for his..."

Cinnamon Girl is quite the sweetest goat you will ever meet. She is not particularly stubborn or smart (I am not crazy about an excess of brain in my goats; I am guessing most drummers are not either in their groupies).

I had planned to get LaManchas; the term "elf ear" intrigued me so. & then I saw Cinnamon Girl & that was that. She has the opposite kinds of ears; they are long & swooped. A lot like That Girl!'s hair, actually. & when she runs, they bounce & her knees seem to flex in all directions (I know they don't, but they seem to) & she looks like a marionette without the strings.

We have other goats (other breeds of goats) & I can safely say, Nubians are special & Cinnamon Girl is special among Nubians.

I said Cinnamon Girl was not particularly stubborn; I meant for a goat. Goats are not jack-ass stubborn or even tennis-ball-dog relentless, but they are thorough. Domesticated goats have few skills. The only one not deliberately bred into them that I have found is being able to bash things with their heads with some accuracy. This does not sound like much & it isn't, but it is more than you would think.

If you were to bash your head over & over against one side of a feed barrel lid, sooner or later you would unscrew that lid. I realize this is not how you personally would go about it, but it is exactly how a goat does. & once that barrel is open, you (if you were a goat) can bash your head over & over again into the barrel until it tips over. There are some tricky bits, though. First you need to hit the lid consistently & always on the 'unscrew' side, otherwise you are working against yourself. & you need to get these tasks in the right order; if you tip the barrel before you get the lid off, you will never get the lid off. The barrel will just roll around.

It took a few years, but she has it down now.

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  1. I have a friend who raises goats and dogs. I was totally amazed at some of the things she told me her goats could do. I was thinking of getting one as a lawn mower.